Unlocking Women And Technology (UWAT)

The under-representation of women in many professional fields cannot go unnoticed by anyone. Fields of study that require a certain level of scientific and mathematical knowledge tend to be the last options for most girls. There are several reasons for this phenomenon – but that isn’t the focus of this post. It is better to highlight the projects being undertaken to solve the problem other than merely pointing out the problem and going on to play the blame game.

The Unlocking Women And Technology project is a project that seeks to empower women – by offering them free training – to innovate through technology. When the project was launched, applications started pouring in from all over the country. We received over a 100 applications for the four tracks available. At the end of the day the most eligible applicants were chosen. The training started on 10th September and there are weekday and weekend sessions. The ladies in the Technology Entrepreneurship class are being trained to develop websites by using HTML, WordPress etc. Their counterparts in the Technology Tools for Business Management have also been trained in Digital Marketing, Online Content Management, Google tools for business etc. It has been a very inspiring journey seeing the level of commitment and enthusiasm displayed by each one of the ladies.

The ladies presented websites they created since the training started in the video below. 

This initiative is funded by Comic Relief and led by iSpace Foundation (GH) working in partnership with Ghana Code Club, Mobile Web Ghana, Sankofa Africa (UK) and The Radical Leap Company (UK).