Over the weekend, the African Union launched the “dotAfrica” domain name.  At the launch of the domain name, the African Union Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma said “Africa, today you have reclaimed your digital identity. dotAfrica will allow us to tell our own story’.


South Africa-based company ZA Central Registry will pilot the registration on the domain name. Lucky Masilela the Company’s chief executive, said that the new domain would provide a cut-price way for Africans to register their websites: dotAfrica addresses will be available for $18 to anyone living in Africa, a fraction of the current cost of registering, which can be up to $250. “dotAfrica is going to be a market disruptor and will assist in lowering the cost of domain names,” said Masilela, according to AFP. The dotAfrica domain is due to become publicly available in July 2017.  Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses.

Here are 2 benefits Africa will derive from the new domain name:
1. Uniqueness: Domain names provide a unique identity for businesses. It helps individuals and various organizations to easily identify you on the internet. The new domain name present a unique opportunity for African businesses to brand themselves and stand out.  Some African countries already have their own domains, .gh for Ghana .ng for Nigeria, .zm for Zambia etc. The new dotafrica domain will offer an opportunity for continental-wide sites, similar to the .eu domain in Europe.

2. Improved SEO ranking: Search engines like google, Bing, yahoo, etc understand the significance of domain names thus they give preferences to websites that have their unique domain names rather than those using sub domain names.





Source:au.int/web/en and europe.newsweek.com.